About Nick at play

Outside of business my interests include:
  • Music: Listening to it and making it; Y-Knot are a trio playing semi-acoustic covers in pubs and clubs the length and breadth of anywhere that will have us. My contribution comes from the bass guitar and some vocals.
  • Food: Eating it, cooking it, consuming media about it. Some eat to live, others live to eat; I’m in the latter camp.
  • The Mafia: For reasons I don’t totally understand I have a passion for the history and characters of La Cosa Nosta, both American and Sicilian.
  • Luke: My son. Adorable.
  • Cricket, rugby and American football; soccer is a game for those who don’t like sport. I play tennis, after a fashion.
  • Believing in small government and libertarianism: there is no situation so bad that government involvement cannot make worse.
  • Pubs: Fabulous dens of social history, serving our national treasure – ale. Yes, I belong to CAMRA. No, I don’t have a cardigan or smoke a pipe -yet.

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